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Exterior Remodel – Roof, Windows and Paint

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Rocky Mountain Constructors loves to help you remodel your home to transform it into something beautiful.  We can provide complete remodeling services to help you get the look you are after.  The images below are of an exterior remodel project that we recently completed where the home was in need of some more curb appeal and a quick face lift.  We replaced the roof,...

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Hail Storms Often Result in Roof Damage

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Summer time often brings storms and those storms bring hail.  Hail often results in roof damage.  Rocky Mountain Constructors understands roof damage caused by hail.  We are here to help you evaluate your roof damage caused by hail and also help your claim processed by your Insurance company. Hail can cause a lot of damage to roofs and often the extent of the damage...

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Mansion Remodel by Rocky Mountain Constructors

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Here are Rocky Mountain Constructors we can handle several projects for you including complete and full remodeling projects.  The photos below are from one of the projects we took on that included us doing a full remodel on a Mansion.      ...

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Roofing Lingo from your Roofing Contractor – Starter Strip

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  Have you ever wondered what your Roofing Contractor is talking about when they say Starter Strip? When you hear the term Starter Strip used by your Roofing Contractor it is referring to Asphalt roofing applied at the eaves behind the first visible row of shingles that prevents water seepage by filling in the gaps between shingles and at the notches between...

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Roofing Lingo from your Denver and Colorado Springs Roofing Contractor

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Have you often wondered what all of the terms man that you hear your Roofing Contractor use?   We understand that often the terms used by Roofing Contractors don’t make a lot of sense to everyone.  This is why we are bringing you Roofing Lingo to help you understand all of the Roofing terms used. Architectural Shingles (a.k.a. Laminated Shingles): A newer...

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